• October 7, 2022

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What Is SCORM? And The Way Can It Help Your Distance Education?

After reading this text , you’ll know what SCORM is, and the way you’ll turn an easy PowerPoint presentation into a SCORM course and upload it to a learning management system.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a world standard for online courses. If your course is published in SCORM format, you’ll be confident that virtually any learning management (EaD) system will recognize it.

Standards are important. Take the movie industry as an example: once you bought a movie on DVD, you were sure you’d be ready to watch it on any DVD player – the brand didn’t matter. This was possible because the DVD was produced to a typical accepted by all players; that’s why movie studios didn’t got to produce differing types of media for every brand of player.

Unfortunately, an equivalent wasn’t true of e-learning within the early 2000s: courses were created for various platforms. for instance , a web course created for one system wouldn’t work on another. If a university changed its EaD, it might lose its entire collection of courses, also because the thousands of dollars invested in its development. In 2001, the SCORM format put the e-learning market so as .

In fact, O SCORM – English acronym for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, which in Portuguese means: “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”, that is, an inventory of standards and specifications for e-learning. This list tells us the way to create a course which will work on any platform – there’s an in depth description of the structure of the web course and therefore the principles of its interaction with EaDs.

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