• October 7, 2022
What is SCORMS?


SCORMS is an abbreviation for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, which may be a standard for standardization in e-learning, History of SCORM ,The background of SCORM

What Is ADL?

ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) may be a standards body established by the US Department of Defense and therefore the federal to barter and promote learning specifications and styles .By standardizing the training environment, we are performing on the formulation of SCORM specifications in order that we will promote interoperability and price reduction.

ADL: SCORM is defined and published by a standardization promotion organization called ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) within the us , and has become a de facto global standard as an e-learning common standard.

Before the arrival of SCORMS, standards established by AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) were used, but in current e-learning, products supported SCORM are common. ..
SCORMS version

There are two commonly used versions of SCORM software today, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 . There was 1.3 because the next version of 1.2, but it had been not officially adopted and 2004 was formulated. Many functions are added to SCORM 2004 since 1.2, and it’s possible to “order learning” and “share data” that would not be created in 1.2, and you’ll design a simpler learning style.

Purpose Of SCORMS, 4 Purposes

Cloud LMS “Learning” Start trial for free of charge for two months ! It is a cloud learning management system (LMS) which will be introduced from the ten ,000 yen level per month .Cloud-based e-learning learning management system (LMS) learning


Reusability of learning content, Accessibility, Durability, Interoperability It is designed for the aim of improving the great operability of learning contents (learning materials) and learning management system (LMS)

Advantages and benefits of SCORMS

Slide lecture type teaching material creation tool Smart TLEC 3, a teaching material creation tool that automatically converts PowerPoint slides and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Smartphone / tablet compatible slide lecture type teaching material creation tool smart TLEC.In learning employing a network, LMS (learning management system) distributes learning content , and learning terminals (PCs, mobile terminals, etc.) receive it.

The relationship between the LMS and therefore the learning terminal not only provides a learning environment, but also is a storage and transmission of learning history. There were multiple such e-learning provisions, and that they weren’t always compatible.

For example, as shown within the figure below, if the standards employed by the LMS of company A and company B are different, the training content can only be utilized in each LMS. there’ll be a negative effect that the LMS are going to be renewed and therefore the learning content can’t be used because it is on a special system.

What is SCORMS?

How Does SCORM Work?

SCORMS are often broadly explained from two aspects: the runtime environment and content aggregation .

Runtime environment
As mentioned above, in e-learning, LMS is that the side that distributes learning content, but the side that holds and stores historical data. Information about the training history is generated by the training content and is retained and stored by the LMS.

The API adapter are going to be prepared by LMS and can be delivered to the training environment along side the content. The historical data is shipped to the API adapter once by the training content, then sent to the LMS by the API adapter.

The API Adapter also makes an interim contact when the training content receives historical data from the LMS. By performing such division of roles, learning content can provide a learning experience without fear about communication methods .The provision and role of API adapters by LMS is specified by SCORMS, so there’s no got to modify the training content whenever the LMS changes.

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