• October 4, 2022
10 Free SCORM Software

10 Free SCORM Software

From healthcare and retail service to construction and manufacturing, robust SCORM software may be a vital element of hand training for several diligence. It allows training directors, coaches, and other L&D professionals to make, edit, and distribute their courses seamlessly across multiple literacy operation systems without fear about interoperability, reusability, and affordability.

Presently, there are numerous SCORM software available on the request but it’s not always easy to sift through all the tools and find one that matches your training requirements. to help you cut down your options, we ’ve created a comprehensive list of SCORM software that you simply can use to term largely interoperable and accessible training courses. Keep scrolling to find out further.


EdApp may be amulti-award-winning SCORM software known for its SCORM-biddable authoring tool point. It allows you to import, edit, and emplace courses from other LMSs or export them into new elearning platforms. But what makes EdApp stand out from other software is that you simply can take being SCORM format courses and transfigure them into largely effective microlearning content. employing a simple drag and drop template, you will put together suck-sized assignments during a matter of twinkles or hours and deliver them on to your workers’ mobile bias.

2. Co-Assemble

Coassemble may be a SCORM software and pall- grounded LMS that permits training directors and coaches to develop interactive SCORM elearning courses. With its authoring tool, you will choose between over 40pre-built content templates, customize assignments, and publish course content, all with a couple of clicks. there is also a good selection of interactive quiz templates that you simply can use to include training assessments at the top of every course.

3. Inquisiq

Inquisiq provides easy interoperability with other elearning LMS, because of its SCORM comity. Through this SCORM software, you will emplace, manage, and track numerous courses and automate course registration, completion announcements, and report generation without hassle. The tool also incorporates amalgamated literacy crucial generalities through features like on-the- job training and task assignments, which permit your workers to perform tasks in real- time and submit assignments for knowledge evaluation. Social literacy is also integrated into the platform through cooperative features like stoner communities, stoner feeds, discussion boards, and a singular erected-in messaging tool.

4. Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn may be a SCORM-biddable LMS known for its course authoring and unique open registration courses. With its simple interface, you will produce interactive literacy content, emplace courses, and cover hand performance indeed without advanced specialized coding chops. This hand training tool features a course builder, which you will use to term your own literacy accoutrements or customize content from their vast assignment library. The real- time analytics dashboard is another cool point that permits you to trace your brigades’ training progress, identify learning gaps, and fantasize knowledge trends.

5. Brain Cert

Brain Cert is an each- by-one social literacy platform and LMS that comes with good SCORM functionality with a contemporary interface. it’s important features including a virtual classroom, course creation wizard, custom theme design, testing platform, shareable tests, and lots of other tools to help you deliver courses, perform assessments, and conduct live online classes in only a couple of easy way.

it’s indeed integrated social literacy withe-commerce by allowing preceptors to vend their online courses, tests, and live classes within the platform’s global business. Braincert has numerous paid plans you will choose between but with their free league option, you will experiment with their features before buying the tool.

6. domin Know

domin Know may be a pall- grounded SCORM software and elearning LMS that comes complete with a training module creator software and a content operation system. For over a decade, both small and enormous companies are using this platform to satisfy their training and collaboration requirements. With its each- by-one system, your platoon can unite in real- time and make well-optimized SCORM biddable content.

you will also design training accoutrements on any device employing a range of templates and digital means and emplace courses on to your learners’ mobile bias. With its restatement and localization features, dominKnow allows you to settle on from over 50 languages to restate literacy content for learners in specific regions.

7. Evolve

Designing and managing your SCORM biddable training courses is straightforward and straightforward with Evolve. This SCORM LMS is meant to help you deliver proper compliance and development training for your platoon. a number of the favored SCORM courses that you simply can pierce through this platform include commercial compliance courses, healthcare compliance, OSHA safety training, and HIPAA sequestration and security.

due to the tool’s stoner-friendly graphical interface, both coaches and learners can fluently navigate through the platform and access features like learner dashboards, course assignments, and reporting tools. Its advanced dispatch features allow coaches to automatically shoot emails to learners regarding course registration, training monuments, course status, and completion.

10 Free SCORM Software

8. Knowbly

Knowbly may be a SCORM and hand training software designed by Turning Technologies to help L&D professionals deliver effective literacy results at scale. Through its largely responsive course penning tool, you will fluently produce and customize interactive literacy content that works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile bias. you will design dynamic and intriguing digital literacy accoutrements with features like interactive quizzes, games, simulations, infographics, flashcards, and easy-to- use course templates.

9. Bridge

Bridge is another SCORM-biddable LMS that focuses on upskilling workers through an personalized literacy experience. away from having the capability to upload and edit SCORM content, you will also produce your own courses, design onboarding programs, or deliver compliance training content in only a couple of clicks through the platform’s native authoring tool.

10. Website LMS

Tovuti LMS may be a SCORM biddable hand training software designed to help you streamline your hand training processes. It features a erected-in authoring suite that you simply use to simply produce, schedule, and emplace courses. With its gamification and leaderboards features, you will design largely engaging content and encourage workers to finish their assigned literacy tasks.

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